Letter to Hormel

I actually felt pretty good about Hormel before now, even though I'm no fan of processed food. Pretty good corporate citizen, I thought.

Now I hear Sean Hannity crowing that Hormel is a new sponsor. Dang! I wrote this letter to Hormel:

"Your decision to become a sponsor for Sean Hannity leads me to the decision to cease buying any Hormel product.

Hannity - in my opinion - is a propagandist of the worst sort, dealing in half truths. He is bad for America."

I think he's almost as bad as Limbaugh for stretching, bending, distorting and downright avoiding the truth. He's welcome to his opinions, but I get really grouchy when people knowingly lie for political motives.

Sorry, Hormel, I'm just saying.....

But hey, they answered promptly with:

March 05, 2010

Mr Duff,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the radio advertisement.

I will forward your message to our marketing area responsible for this.


Consumer Response Specialist

(I bet Mr. Marketing is a Tea Bagger at heart.)

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