The Worst Kind of News

Another Leadership Stumble

Just another slap in the face from Reality. This morning's NY Times whacked me with this:

China Drawing High-Tech Research From U.S.

Oh, darn. Not just (almost all) our manufacturing base, but now our innovation base.

The story is about how Applied Materials, a VITAL part of our technological manufacturing base, is moving much of its R&D to China.

So what's wrong with us? Is it our laws? (Yep. "Free trade" = "OK, move out.") Are our taxes too high (Yep, for the corporations which don't give a flip for anything but their bottom lines.) Are we running short of good engineers? (Yep, our decaying education system) Does a good part of our population sound like idiots? (I shouldn't say.)

I'm feeling grouchy.


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