Why Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control

Ten Times Retail Markup?!?

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Why, Lord, why?

- Is it all those scans prescribed by the docs who own the scanners?
- Is it all those CYA tests to protect the docs from lawsuits?
- Is it the meds that cost 300% more in the U.S.A. than anywhere else in the world?
- Is it the weak regulations on keeping our food safe?
- Is it the $500 a minute specialist fees?

YES! All that and insane overcharges for everything from the famous dollar-per-aspirin some hospitals charge to things like THIS...


A close pal breaks her ankle. She goes to a podiatrist. The Physician gives her a simple, off-the-shelf ankle brace for temporary support. The bills trickle in.
Cost for that brace? $490!

Whoa, we say. So we look up the cost of this device. Check it out:

= $490 charged by the Podiatrist

= $49.95 charged by Smart+Medical

Identical product. Identical manufacturer. Identical reimbursement code.

Keep in mind #49.95 is a retail price, available to you and me. There is surely mark-up and profit in that price. BUT THE DOC BLITHELY MARKS IT UP 1000% MORE.

Egads. Blimey. Fooey.

Of course the insurance company (Blue Cross) didn't challenge that cost. Only the informed patient will challenge this kind of BS. So add to that list above:

- Patients rarely challenge excessive charges."


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