Duff's New Bag

Scooter's Looming YouTube Thang

Update, New Spin, Preview-ish stuff on the post below.

You remember "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag," James Brown rocking out? Well, I'm working on a new one myself, a YouTube "channel." [I do the quotes because to me a channel is a TV thing. Old school.]

And speaking of old, the name of the channel in my mad bag pipeline is "Spider and Olde Scooter." That fine figger of a pixel pixie (I just can't help it) above is the logo of the iMac version of Spider Solitaire.
Her name is Spider Mac.
My plan is to play the game while making a mix of narration of the game, personification of Spider McGillicuty and saucy comments on pretty darn much of everything. (See the "darn?" I have taken the vow of no cussing on this channel. Also no editing. Go figure.)

The gaming set up is like this (so far):

I'm practicing a bunch, and I've imposed on several friends and relatives to see a game or two. The reviews are mixed. If I can get the act together, I will try to do a bit live every day and provide an archive of prior live spectacles, sort of a Twitch for retirement age folks. I point out I'm 80 every so often. 
Everybody cusses all the time on the real Twitch and a ton of YouTube channels; maybe there's a crying need for clean talk. (And see the blatant plug for my old guy sci-fi novel?)

More to come.


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