Hypersonic Chinois

Let's Just Let China Get Ahead

It seems like just last month that I saw the Chinese seem ahead of us in super secure quantum communications. Eeeek! it WAS just last month. (See below)

Now, I open my fav aviation news site, AviationWeek.com, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but hypersonic aircraft and spaceplane leadership in China!

There was a surprise set of disclosures about China's progress in this vastly important field at a convention in China. The reporter for AvWeek said,

What has come into view is a cohesive, nationwide hypersonic research and technology program that not only shows astonishing depth and breadth, but has also produced a bewildering number of major accomplishments in a relatively short period.

All this at just the moment our new Administration in D.C. is ceding leadership all over the map, especially in scientific fields.
"What, me worry?"


To be second or worse in this technology will kick us in each cheek: Commercial travel and military power.

Read the whole piece. Then ask the question, "Whassup with this, President Trump?"

* Washington Times art
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