The end of patience... ??

A pal of mine writes prolifically from the rightwing perspective. I have made a sport of rebutting him. I usually put my contra-comments in blue, interspersed with what I am rebutting. He just distributed a commentary titled "Are the tactics of the Left working?"
Here's a recent example:

(After acknowledging Republicans blocked Obama) 
How quickly turnabout becomes fair play and the Democrats attempt to justify their behavior by saying that it is because Donald Trump is not 'legitimate,' that he doesn't fit the mold of a President Nay, nay; we do say that, but that is NOT the justification. Regressive taxation, plutocrat-benefitting, science-crushing, military-over-diplomacy strategizing, untruths and obfuscations galore, ally-insulting, conflict-of-interest gorging, Mar-a-Lago indulging, nepotism amucking, press-attacking… THOSE are just some of the actual justifications AND because he is diametrically opposed to their big government agenda and their desire to re- make America into a socialist utopia I’ll take some utopia, especially since the right sees “socialism” in every protection of The Commons, complete with laws protecting 'uncomfortable' un-PC speech, transgender bathrooms and sanctuary cities that would protect the rights of illegal immigrants over lawful citizens. B.S! Oh pardon me, I mean those are phony rightist talking points The “un-PC speech" thing is a non-issue with a made-up slogan (probably by Cambridge Analytica or Frank Luntz). Transgender bathrooms are as threatening as a milquetoast - and N. Carolina is already backing down. All those hundreds of mayors, police chiefs and governors supporting sanctuary policies must be Commies! The arguments for sanctuary cities are fact-based and local perogatives, making them a stiff-arm to “federal government over-reach,” one of your shibboleths, no? “Job creation” ideas from the Trump crowd are hollow howls of protectionism and trickle-downisms throroughly discredited by history and economics.Their anger is understandable because they are witnessing the unraveling of their nanny state, their safe spaces and their sacred cows that were created by a Progressive-inspired plan to co-opt our Constitution  Hey, it’s the Koch brothers spending millions to “rewrite” the Constitution.  and social engineer our institutions. Engineers usually solve difficult problems.

I guess it got to him, all that logic and facts and such.  His response?

"I'm tired of debating these things. I know where you stand. Maybe we should just leave it at that. I'm running out of words and patience. Sorry."

It's hard to debate a religious zealot.


Anonymous said…
It's possible to argue with a wise person, but not with a fool.
LowCarb333 said…
The Koch brothers have used their money to boost the 1% at the expense of the 99%, pure greed motivates them.
Agreed and agreed. Have you folks seen the news about the Bradley foundation (they were hacked and they are no longer a secret organization). Scary, scary, unless you are a plutocrat, and then it's WONDERFUL news.

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