New Venture - Maybe

"Spider & Olde Scooter," the beta
I'm diversifying my collection of Ways to Waste Time. 80 year old guys need that.
My friend Roger, a tech and programming whiz, keeps showing me what can be done with minimal investment here in Net World.
Thus I've learned starting a YouTube channel is way easier than, say, writing a novel. So, by golly, I'm warming up to doing just that, start a...
                                                                                                          ... channel!

The plan is NOT to make a moom pitchers version of SeniorJunior, the enduring blog, but something maybe more fun. "Fun? You want fun? Whad'ya think of this, wussie?" (a quote from a golf game gone bad.)

Genesis of an Idea: Start with a time-wasting addiction to the game Spider Solitaire; Then a crazy coincidence that there is a spider web on the cover of A Reluctant God, my humble novel; Suddenly I discovered Twitch, the billion dollar, Amazon-owned, narrated game-playing site mostly for young males; Then an even crazier "theology" I developed, anthropomorphizing the solitaire game as a super smart, hyper competitive, mind reading, Artificial Intelligence. (A couple pals have said it was mildly amusing.)  Mix all that with my nom de sci-fi "Scooter" and voila!

Spider and Olde Scooter
Kind of Twitch for old folks

We oldies are much more likely to play solitaire on our devices than, say, "Grand Theft, Auto" or even "Minecraft" (except with our grand kids). So maybe mature people might like to occasionally watch a peer play a game they are familiar with.

We'll see, we'll see. I'm certainly having fun rehearsing this idea. So far I've made over 20 "shows," actually Spider Solitaire games with olde me in the corner narrating my inelegant play, blaming the A.I. for my low batting average and throwing in random comments and observations about stuff in general, including politics. From the positions I take, you can see the kinship with SeniorJunior.

Check out one of the beta games soon right here.

To be continued.....

UPDATE, UPDATE (The "continued" continued)... Yea verily it came to pass. There are now more than 100 games on the YouTube channel, including many experimental format changes, hat changes and an inexplicable love for personal headlamps.
Check get out at this'un.

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