Flying off the meadow

Trial Hops


Learning to fly your newly assembled gyroglider, you want to take short, experimental hops. Maybe in a meadow, not a real airport. I built one in 1969. (That's not it above; mine was just like it.)  My son Guy was the only one to get off the ground in it. This is about my first trial YouTube hops...

Metaphorically Speaking...

Thing is, I use this aerial analogy to describe what I'm doing with Spider and Olde Scooter, described in posts below. You know, to keep expectations as low as possible and still get off the ground.

I've started "publishing" some of these narrated games of Spider Solitaire. They are on my "channel." Someone just noodling around YouTube might conceivable stumble across this channel and see the current state of a definitely evolving experiment. 

I am having an absolute blast doing this nutso thing, and it's clearly not today what it was when I started just over two months ago, and I doubt it will ever stop changing. Evolving, I'm compelled to say. I'm almost at the point where I will invite folks to check it out and give me some feedback. 

There's a good chance I will foist a short questionnaire on folks who check out a game. Not yet, though.

Should you have the slightest curiosity about this, go to YouTube and put "Spider and Olde Scooter" in the address bar and see what comes up. Insist on the 'e' in olde.

There you will (might) find some of the games, plus the "Channel" icon, which is the art from my old guy sci-fi book cover. Go ahead, click it.

On the Channel, there a group of games, some singles and others with up to four games in a row. I'm doing one a day at least now, so there is kind of a calendar linearity to it. Try sampling a few if you like.

Just like on this hoary blog, politics sneak in.

I guess you'll have to see a game where it does to know what I mean.
But other stuff sneaks in too. 

Remember, this is for my generation. We were kids in the '40s & 50s, children of another world.

*   Pol pix
** Gyro pix


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