Not in America (Yet!), Thank God

British Airways' Incredible Screw Up


"No sign of a cyber attack." Well, gee, we are all encouraged by that news.

So just how did your whole IT system fail, causing great pain and huge inconvenience for so many people (not just Brits, BTW)?  OHHH, it was a "power surge."  I see. So B.A. had its back-ups on the same power system? For a smart outfit, that's just plain dumb...

         ...Or MAYBE it's the outsourcing plague?

Union blames British Airways computer crash on outsourcing to India, as fresh disruptions hit Heathrow
The GMB union, however, said the disruption “could have all been avoided” if BA had not cut hundreds of IT jobs in Britain and transferred the work to India.
Indian IT drones plotting against BA

Could it be a regulations problem in these days of Trumpian deregulation?  Even a columnist in the quite conservative Aviation Week said, "For many fliers and lawmakers, the BA meltdown will only confirm their belief that airlines will only give proper customer service when they are compelled to by regulation." Read the column here.

My PCS (Personal Conspiracy Theory): It actually was a hack... by United Airlines, to get the attention off it's own screw-ups.  Just kidding.


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