Prediction #2

Not OK Google

Ok, I know "OK Google"is just an Android app to voice control some "assistance."  That's not what I'm sayin' here.

 I'm predicting here. [I just got into making predictions on this hoary blog last December. No results yet on that one.] This is just my second prediction.  Ready?

Harken unto this: I predict that it will be discovered in a Functional MRI (FMRI) study one of these day that different brain parts are used in these two mental activities:
     1. Trying to "find" just the word you are looking for in your brain.
     2. Searching for that word on Google (or Bing, et al). 

Example: Today I was trying to get past a block on a simple word and I couldn't get it.
                  I knew it was associated with the word "conditions," but I just couldn't find it.

    The two mental activities

  1. I persisted, thinking of "conditions and....," finally flipping it and thinking "terms and conditions." Had it! "Terms." 25 seconds.

     2. I stopped digging and turned my brain to the task of finding the right search question. I entered "conditions and" and got nothing helpful. Again I flipped it, entered "and conditions" (not getting it in my brain yet), and up popped "terms and conditions" in the second result.  Had it! "Terms." 20 seconds.

I think these two searches with the identical output use different parts of the brain. Both use brain resources, perhaps one no more than the other, just different parts. That's the prediction.

Moral to the Story

If I'm right, then not doing your fact searches inside you own wetware (brain) for something you know you know - you just can't call it up - will gradually atrophy that function. Then you will always have to do computer searches. When you are lost in a cave with no Internet access,  you will never think of that word. 

[Full disclosure: There has been FMRI/Google research done, just not this experiment, best I can find, Googling of course. Here's an interesting one about experienced vs. naive users of Google search.]

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