How to Spot a Bot+

Bots (on-line "comments" from roBots) are pretty dumb - but they are getting smarter.

Learn to smell 'em out. With practice, you can stay as smart as the bots. Here are a few tips for your smeller.  If you read "comments" on any web site, look for these "tells."

1. They are quick. Bot comments roll out immediately after actual reader comments that contain certain key words or phrases the A.I. in the bot recognizes as a "key." Actual human responders typically take a little longer.
2. They are generic. Bots have meme-heavy, specifics-light responses. "Another big government fan, I see," is common. "You must hate the Constitution," is another. "Go home to your safe place," "Once a commie, always a commie," "Put her in jail,"  etc., etc. 
3. Sometimes they use stupid grammar. Bots don't get a lot of copy editing in the propaganda mills from whence they ooze. "You need a smart when you talk," was one of my favorites.
4. Some are short version of conspiracy theories.  "I keep hearing Hillary has a new job. Everyone says she is involved in getting pardons for child molesters, and she's making millions doing it."
Some sites' comment sections are FULL of bots. Stay alert, citizens!

Bots are just part of the problem of Russian interference with our election process:
The biggest story yet from Mueller
Read about RT, Sputnik and the Russian fake news machine.
And see the story advance here. "comments" sections


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