The Pure-Insult NASTYBOT
[and it's hate child, NASTYBOD]
"What really makes me mad is being called a SNOTBOT.

Job Description:  Turn American against American, Black against White, Jew against Gentile, Everybody against Muslims, Republicans against Democrats, South against North, Cities against Rural, Texas against California... oh you know. 
All of us at each others' throats is bad for America, good for Russia (and China, Iran, North Korea and some others.)
That's NASTYBOT's job
How, you might ask, does this ugly gremlin with bad breath accomplish this?
It's liddle twitter brain algorithm looks at tweets and "comments" for something on a big list of "trigger" words and phrases. Then it selects an apropos short response and puts it in the right format and sends it. 
"Apropos" means: Mean, nasty, insulting, demeaning, dismissive, gross or outrageous. Or several and sometimes all of them. (Never any real substance) It's enough to get your goat, raise your blood pressure, fire your ire, and the like. You might even shoot a one-better nasty back. This makes the NASTYBOT very happy.

It also "makes it OK" for other people to be NASTYBODS.
See a fool, act a fool.
Just like back
in old grade school.

Some people are like that. They never let a bad example go to waste. And it takes no brainpower to be nasty.
SO when you get a NASTYBOT shot, never let it fire your ire, never shoot back with another nasty. When you respond, just write, "nastybot," or if you like, "nastybot/bod." Both have the same liddle brains.

My Preoccupation (prior bot blogs).


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