Olde Scooter Predicts

(I Predict) It's Gonna Happen
The "I'm Not a Bot. I'm Not a Russian Troll" Certification
A Credential of Real, American Person-ness.

Real Humans with Certificates to Prove It

Someone - probably a company like American Express or a startup with some big tech names will offer a Certificate of Actuality for a low monthly fee.
More certified real people
You can use it online to prove you are as real as rain, not some fake news purveyor, some Rooskie propagandist or troll farmer from Uzbekistan.

This will become necessary real soon. Who will trust you these days without a realness credential that is impossible to forge, hack or steal? Without one, people will suspect they are being conned (again) and not take anything you say seriously.

(I also predict) the creds will be handled by block chain programs, sort of Bitcoin-ish.
For only $2.99 a month you will be unquestionably who you say you are, and you can prove it.

But when my prediction misses, I fess right up.

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