If They Can Do This to Twitter....

50,000 Russian Bots

....Think What They Can Do to "Comments!"

There has been a lot of attention to all the bots on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. My fixation has been on "Comments" bots/trolls.

It all started with the bots on Breitbart for me. That's where I coined "NASTYBOT," (More examples)
Go ahead. Pet me. 

...those gross insults that were amping up the snarling, the American-on-American hatred. Somehow Breitbart was the perfect platform for these Russian cyber-clusterbombs. Actual nasty humans jumped right in and became "NASTYBODS," ever eager to follow the worst bully on the schoolyard.

Gradually, the word is penetrating the semi-attentive among us to understand how many millions of bots are polluting the social media environment. It took a long time. HOW LONG?

The Really Big Story (of course) came in the New York Times. And this army of bots doesn't even count the Russian ones!!

The OTHER REALLY BIG STORY (reported mostly here on Sr.Jr) is how many bots are in the "Comments" sections of dozens of right wing sites. I'm estimating about 37% of ALL such comments are Russian bots, and 82% of the really nasty insults are. Whew!

Again, I "predict" (recommend, actually) a blockchain-based "Real Human American Certificate," so you can tell if you are arguing with a bot or not.  


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