AG (pronounced "Aaaagh!") Sessions' Priorities

Look Up, Jefferson Beauregard


That kid in Peru is being saved from 8 seizures per day with cannabis oil.

Over there, see the American veterans being treated for major PTSD with legal weed?

Now, amidst genuine crises - like the opioid epidemic, voter suppression, out-of-control ICE agents, massive tax cheating by your contributors, a nut case President with a campaign that (seemingly) colluded with the Russians, banksters regaining their power to destroy lives, the elimination of Inspectors General... you know, real problems, you are going after medical marijuana?
With all due (?) respect, sir, are you aware that opioid overdose deaths are way down in the states with legal marijuana? (P.S... that reference link is to an ultra-right site,

Lordy, I hope there is justice somewhere in your department.

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