YAY! Son of Blackbird Soon

Son of Blackbird (SR-71)

There I was, worrying about the Chinese passing us in hypersonic aircraft, when Lo & B, here comes the news that the U.S.of A. has not been sitting on its duff on this after all.

In good old "Aviation Week" (also Popular Mechanics) the news is that Lockheed Martin is almost ready to test the Mach 6 SR-72.

I am relieved. One less thing to worry about in the Chinese/USA race for air superiority.

Who knows what it will really look like?

Now (thank you President Trump) I am worried that the Chinese are set to shoot past us in all things renewable-energy related. Oh and world leadership in the overall fight against climate change.  And influence in Africa and Latin America. And Asian trade. And who knows what else?.....


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