Hate Mongrul

With, you know, guns and stuff.

Pamela Geller, Right Wing Howler Monkey

In Breitbart, that ongoing tribute to the Trumpster Hard Core, Pamella Geller declares:

The Coming Civil War

She plays every card in the right wing meme machine. Typical of the hate-filled rant:
"The left is evil, and they mean to destroy our way of life, our freedom and us. It took decades to norm their anti-Americanism, their hatred of freedom and individual rights, but they have reached their tipping point. And the long beaten and battered among us have had it."

She wraps up with a clear call to action:

"The deck is stacked against us. We must get off the defense."  Like, get out your guns?

Yep.  For sure. Absolutely.
Right wing ground is pre-plowed for hate seeds:
Hate has, "Infused right-wing politics beyond the gun lobby. 'Watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots' is a common theme in Tea Party circles, where the Gadsden flag—don’t tread on me!—and loose talk of revolution blend seamlessly with mainstream anti-tax ideology and disdain for liberals."** 

Here, from the first fifty "Comments" after the Geller piece:

phil dirt
If we have another civil war it won't be like the last one with two armies squaring off in some cow pasture. It will be neighbor against neighbor. Where I live, I'm surrounded by brain dead progressives. You might think that's a bad thing. I'm starting to think otherwise. No matter which way I shoot I can't miss!

American Patriot 74
Borrowing a line from Black Lives Matter.
What do we want? Dead Liberals.
When do we want it? NOW!

 (Still not sure he made his point...)American Patriot 74
The Democrats fired the first shot at the baseball game. We have more guns and will fire the last shot.

"The left has been at war against America for decades", no it's been centuries! Every since the creation of America, the democrats have been trying to destroy her. In every country where you find democrats, you find them causing havoc, destruction, rape, murder, and not caring for the citizens they are suppose to represent! The party is dead, and President Trump should disband this anti-American group. Then deport all these idiots to Syria!

anagdul ï 17 minutes ago
Sometimes, when people try to engage me in political discussion on one of their Anti-Trump hot topics, I just shrug my shoulders and say, "I'm just waiting for the shooting to start."

Mark James
The crazed Commie Left needs to treated ASAP as the Rabid Dog it is. And, put out of it's Political Misery.

Jacques Cloutier
If the right doesn't respond to the violence against them , they will loose their freedom and their wealth .The time to fight is NOW !

"He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms."
We will win through the strength and power of the Lord and that victory will be His.
Should the left mistakenly attack, an army like me are waiting. This would be the shortest civil war in history.

seditious and treasonous LAWERs are also the problem, don't forget them.
They are the ones gumming up the works. The rest of the goons we can handle easily.
They fight with sticks and stones and have no real stomach for what they have coming.
If it came to real Civil War they will be hiding under their computer desks crying about how unfair life has become.

Reply ^^
willyeye replies to FlexoRick
People in the inner cities are liberals that hate white people and they are the most experienced killers in the country. They will be on the side of those lawyers. Don't get overconfident. This will not be a cakewalk.

Evan S
No safe places for Democrats to hide ...

I think the South might win this time.

People like Pamela, who arouse violence and hate with malignant tribalism, are abusing one of our most sacred rights, The First Amendment. All in the name of patriotism, but in the spirit of Satan, this howler monkey's screech is destructive to our nation and should be dismissed with disgust. IMHO.

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