OMG!... It's O.M.G.

Truth, Facts, Data
(For the War on Same)

[[Have I told you  about my latest fixation of writing in the "Comments" sections of various news sites? (I have I do,,, & Balance, y'know.]]

So I am arguing with a Anthro-Climate-Change denier on DailyCaller, and he tells me there has be no - NO decrease in the Arctic ice cover, Greenland isn't melting AT ALL, etc. and gives me links to a couple anti-science, God-will-fix-it websites.

(I do not doubt God's ability to fix it, but I hear He's taking a hands-off position on this mess.)

Then I see a piece on Greenland ice sheet measurements by NASA, and the project is called, wait for it....

... Don'tcha know.

It's an interesting piece of science on the march. But OMG! how fitting.


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