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Finding a Pearl

It Was Just a Quahog in the Estuary of Breitbart Commentors
But a Small Irritant grew into a Pearl!

8/10/2017 Dateline
The topic was Senator Maxine Waters. I made a comment critical of the prez.
Another commenter, "makwabid,"  called me a seditionist (!), then he said, "I know why you all secretly hate Trump."
                                                       High quality Quahog pearl, it was!

(I quickly, an hour after that post, responded:)
I wonder why you think that is? My reasons: (and it isn't "hate." Don't project.) .....
(Then, poured forth from my fingers a succinct little position statement. To be concise is holy.)
...I believe his MAGA is a huge fraud - his racist, demagogic, jingoistic actions are destroying America's chance to be the "shining city on the hill," violating nearly all of our highest standards; He dismisses science, our hope for a future where we can all prosper; He is building a corporatocracy to replace our democracy; He is a dangerous personality type (malignant narcissist - everything is about HIM); He is the most documented liar in political history, a self-serving fabulist. He has duped millions of wonderful Americans into believing his outrageous promises of "healthcare for all; wonderful, wonderful healthcare" among his most pernicious lies. "I will keep you safe." Whoo boy.
Those are my reasons for how I feel about our President. It's not hate, it's fear, disgust and resolution to fight his agenda. 
(Then, along came "Glenn" with a reasonable and polite expression of doubt:)
Glenn Blackledge seniorjunior (scooter duff) 2 hours ago
"He is the most documented liar in political history." let's not go spouting off things that are not fact. if it is fact, proof please.
I want to see proof.

(Totally new tack for the conversation, but I swerved and adapted, did a quick Google search, looking for something other than WaPo or the NYTimes (fake, failing, tax evading leftists to the Breitbarters), and hit upon Politifact, a site I see as honest.)

seniorjunior (scooter duff) Glenn Blackledge 2 minutes ago
Hokay... here goes. Since the Trumpster has accused every source he doesn't agree with "fake news," and a LOT of people are buying that, it might be hard to find a credible source for a true Trump fan. "PolitiFact" passes the smell test for most of my Republican pals (I have several). This is their 8 page list of documented "false statements."


Politifact share a big time donor to the Clintons and it's foundation.
(Then I say:)

  • Glenn Blackledge

    Read through them. Most are unproven. Women he touched or raped. It what happened to those women with those claims all 11 women they disappeared because they were bogus claims. In keeping with that; it's difficult to call him the most documented liar and political history.

    (Now that's a fair man! He read through them. I could not ask for anything more. And I agree Slick Willy did a bit of lying himself. Our visions of reality are warped by our tastes and beliefs.  So I signed off, with a tip of the olde Scooter hat.)


    You are a fair man, GB. I'd say we had a good run of exchanging civil disagreement. How about we agree to disagree, shake hands and call it a draw?
    I put our whole conversation, including this on my blog. Seems like a decent debate, proving folks can have them.

    (Now that was a pearl of a random, wandering, heartfelt conversation, pleasant, civil flotsam in the stream of snarling, snapping Breitbarters. More stimulating days on the 'Net.) 

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