The Scariest Sentence I Ever Read

Awful Truth

"There’s simply too much misinformation out there, and it’s unreasonable to expect ordinary people to know how to tell truth from the lies."

(From the Salon article by Amanda Marcott that inspired the "Hell Spawn" post below.)

Ok, now a little moralizing. I mean this is a BLOG, is it not? Bloggers moralize the way pigs wallow in mud. It's just in our genes.

"...unreasonable to expect ordinary people to know how to tell truth from lies."  Really? We "ordinaries" can't do a bit of research if something seems questionable or unlikely or probably false?

                                                                               YES WE CAN!  

It has never been easier to research. It's not just Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines. There are credible sources in any field of human endeavor right here on your device. You don't even have to crack a book, much less go to the library (WAY too hard. Libraries are complicated!)

And guess what? There are about a billion BLOGS! You can sure find a few that seem objective, truth seeking, logically thinking and generally credible to you. I hope Olde SeniorJunior is in that pile. At least blogs are checkpoints in the search for what to believe.

So scratch that "Awful Truth," and decide for yourself not to be fooled any more by misinformation, lies, spin or omissions, even it it something you wish were true.

Properly moralized?


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