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The real fun of conspiracy theorizing - Successful Propaganda!

For a couple of decades now, right-wing media has seeded fake conspiracy stories into the mainstream media to demonize political opponents and sow doubts about politically inconvenient facts. This, Carusone argued, escalated under Trump, who has used his growing media power to drive an overwhelming number of conspiracy theories into the mainstream, including rumors that Clinton’s health was failing, that millions of undocumented people voted in the 2016 election and that there’s some uncovered scandal regarding Clinton’s (sigh) emails.
                                         An editor, coping with Fake News

So when a journalist tries to publicly piece together what’s going on with Trump and Russia, “you sound like a crazy person, because the audience has been hardwired to believe that all conspiracies are akin to Alex Jones’s inter-dimensional demon,” Carusone said, referencing the Infowars host’s claims that Democratic politicians are conspiring with hell-spawn to control the country. (After all, can any of us prove that isn’t true?)  (1.)
                                       Democrat Co-Conspirator

So who knows the truth? Apparently the "BWAHAHAHA" crowd that reads Breitbart Conspiracy Central think they do.  Whew!

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