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Remember that. K-L-O-T-H-O.  Sounds like a laundry product, but it's another step in the longevity ladder.   More to come.
(If you can't wait, and feel comfortable reading dense science, go here. Otherwise, I'll be back with my patented dumb-down-to-my-level trick pretty soon."

I'M BACK!  ("Big deal," I hear you say.)  Taking a media merger approach, I put an expanded explanation of what Klotho is all about on my YouTube channel "Spider and Olde Scooter." You can check it out by clicking THIS. If you are not into Spider solitaire, just watch the portion from 2:50 to 8:50. Five minutes of Scooter-fied enlightenment.

Klotho is one of the most promising biomedicine developments I've seen lately, with promises of helping - a LOT - with Alzheimer's, not to mention being a "nootropic" to beat the band.

Just to get in the mood, you could review this and this.

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