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Point & Counterpoint on Breitbart

Swimming in the Ocean of Muslimphobia

As I've admitted, I am addicted to the "Comments" following stories in, our National Repository of Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Fake News.
                                My impression of SOME Breitbart commenters (I'm prejudiced, I acknowledge)

This little colloquy followed a typical Breitbart piece about how Muslim folk are the Devil's Spawn (see below).

Commenter "ArmyAviator" whipped out the meme machine (Obama-bad; Muslims want to kill us all, etc.)
One brave soul "MNUSA" dared rebut one point.
I agreed and generalized about how SOME Breitbarters don't like facts and many are natural-born racists.
This brought out the snarling, insulting best in "Whirling Peas."

I love these folks! Note the poetry in "millions by the millions" and "importing third world savages."


Sadly, the millions brought in by Obama by the millions are here legally and vote. Say whatever you want, but the truth is they do not like us, our culture or our country. Their mission is to conquer.
     Dearborn, Hamtramck, many part of Minnesota and other cities are proof. Ignoring it, like the left does, doesn't mean it hasn't happened. It has, is and is getting worse.

                   Crazed Muslim on a mission to conquer


    I live in Minnesota and you really don't know what you're talking about.

    • My Comment That Stirred Up "Whirled Peas"


      Uh-oh, facts! First hand, on-the-ground facts! They won't work here, you know. The more I read Breitbart's comments sections, the more I realized these folks hold their Muslim hatred close to their hearts. Back when America Was Great, they would have been anti-Irish, or anti-Jew or anti-whatever was the group to look down on at the moment. They just ignore and deprecate any facts that contradict their hateful beliefs. Watch the names they call any dissenter. I've learned to love "libtard.


        Go home, idiot, you are uneducated and close-minded. Except for the trolls you probably sent here, this is an intelligent, sincere, patriotic group of citizens who are concerned that our rights and liberties are being taken from us by a conscious process of importing third world savages. Either get on the bus or go back to your slimy hole.
                                     My own personal slimy hole

        "Sent by trolls" is an interesting variant. I guess I am a troll on Breitbart, if that means anyone who disagrees with the general sentiment of the site. But somehow, I feel welcome on Breitbart.

        Click HERE for...


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