The Romans Did It - Why Can't We?

No More Droughts, No More Floods
Here in the west,we are going into the fourth month of a 

Fall/Winter Drought...

It is scary. Every tree, bush and grass is stressed. Fire danger is high when we usually have a thick layer of snow. This may be the "new normal."

...And the other side of the country to the east is getting LOTS of precip. Why don't we leverage our obviously knowledge of pipelines (2.4 million miles of 'em in the U.S.), and move some of that water out here? 

        Why isn't this a big time infrastructure moment? 

The Romans needed water moved, and they built the aqueducts
Here is my plan. Again. (and it is the most viewed post on this blog for the last 15 years). It might make your environmentalist teeth hurt, but it could save America's neck.
Mucho water heading west

If the Romans could do it, WE could do it.

Excerpt:So the Mississippi Flood of 2020 (and most other U.S. floods) became the End of Drought.  The solar and wind energy industry joined the oil companies as Majors.  American technology took another great leap. Agricultural subsidy took on an entirely new meaning.  Millions of Americans became owners of a dependable money machine.  Dying aquifers began refilling.  The Presidency regained some of its luster.  And the rest of the world began to emulate a plan that worked.


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