There Goes the Stealthiness

Quantum Radar Can See the Stealthiest

Those Darn Chinese Did It Again...

China Shows Off First Quantum Radar Prototype

I see you, stealthy American plane/ship/missile.

You surely know I'm worried about China taking the lead in critical fields**. This latest could be the most expensive (for us) yet, making our super-expensive stealth weapons quite visible.

How Many Billions Has and Is the U.S. Spending on Stealth? 
B-21 (new)
$Billions and Billions and Billions (read "Trillions")

Here's the way it works (for "how does it work?" fans)
The principle of quantum radar is well understood. The device creates a stream of entangled photons, which is then split into two streams. One of them is converted into a microwave frequency that is transmitted and reflected like a traditional radar. The other stream of photons remains in that state as an “idler beam.”
As microwave energy from the first stream returns to the radar’s receiver, the energy particles are compared with the entangled photons in the idler beam to filter out unrelated signals, or radio frequency noise.
Such an approach could render radio frequency jamming systems useless. It also sharpens the radar’s sensitivity to low-observable objects that are designed to be difficult to detect against background clutter.*
Oh well...  Just one more thing to worry about.

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