China's Pharma Invasion

"Biotech*," the Growth Wing of Pharma
Didn't know that? The Chinese certainly do
Look for us on your shores... and in your medicine cabinets.

Some headlines and paragraphs spelling it out

Money is rushing into biotech at breakneck speed this year, and one part of the globe is accounting for much of the uptick: China.
VC deals were teeming with Chinese investors in the first half of the year, with China-based firms participating in US biotech investment rounds worth $5.1 billion, according to data from PitchBook. For some perspective, that beats 2017's total figure of $4 billion — and we're only six months into the year.  ENDPOINTS NEWS**

Chinese funds participated in investment rounds in US biotech companies worth $5.1bn in the first half of this year, beating the $4bn in 2017, the first year of large Chinese inflows into the sector, according to PitchBook. 
Financial Times 🔐

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals on the prowl for acquisitions in US and Europe

The Chinese pharmaceutical firm plans to open a research centre in San Diego and acquire rights to distribute newly developed drugs in the US in China
Then there's this
Rosemary Gibson, co-author with Janardan Prasad Singh of a new book called 
Millions of Americans are taking prescription drugs made in China and don't know it--and pharmaceutical companies are not eager to tell them. This is a disturbing, well-researched wake-up call for improving the current system of drug supply and manufacturing.

Mr. Concerned Here

OK, OK, I'm generally worried about China eating our lunch, surpassing us in many things we have a natural lead in, while we just sit on our trumps.  Here's the list of my concerns (so far).

Big Pharma Love$ It
It's China More Than Russia
China Becoming World Science Leader?
More Threats from China - SUPERCOMPUTERS!
Watch China Watch the Sky...
Worrying About Chinese Competition
Deep space communications
Electric Cars
Quantum communications
Jet passenger planes
Hypersonic weapons
A.I. & solar power
More hypersonics
More quantum communications

* The exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc.
Chinese army  pix credit
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