Contradictus Polarizitus

America Has an Autoimmune Disease
New Medical Discovery at PUI
(Punditus Universal Institute)

America Losing Its Grip!

I had one helluva grip in the day.
To grasp the full implications of this sociomedical discovery, it's necessary to mine some bit-terms.

SocioMedical Terms

Civilization: the list of humanity's flaws with various attempts to correct for them. There is a positive side effect.
Humanity: the first hominid to evolve a big brain and have this great body with hands, eyes, etc.
Flaws:  Tends to feud among themselves; Deceitful to varying degrees; Capable of destructive rage; Selfish along with unselfish; Possessive & territorial; Acquisitive; Short sighted; Slow to adapt to change; Intelligent in a wide spectrum... Oh the list is long.
Positive side effect: All the effort to correct for the flaws lets the strengths and productive traits arise.
Attempts to correct: Depends on the objective.  A civilization with the objective of being dominant militarily and to conquer lands will have a much different civilization than one with the objective of being the freest and fairest land of all.

Strong Civilization [NOT suffering from autoimmune disease]
The civilization that is truly working, hitting on all cylinders, accomplishing most of its potential, and such is the one that best facilitates its objective.

The next step in the diagnosis, clearly, is to define the objective.
(Ask yourself, can you describe in, say, five minutes what the objective of the American version of civilization is?  Does the Constitution actually describe what our objectives are these days?)

There are more clearly focused countries - I'd highlight China, Russia, Germany, the Nordic countries and a lot of emerging economies - who have the objectives for their brand of civilization more clearly defined. For instance China wants to regain its historic glory as a dominant economic, military and intellectual nation, plain and simple. That clarity is expressed from an autocratic objective setter, a supreme leader with the power to keep everyone in the country properly motivated to do their part toward the objective.

[You think China's focused, imagine Sparta in the day.]*

America clearly has an autoimmune disease, with one part of the body attacking the other. The controls that were supposed to keep us from attacking each other are failing. We call it polarization, but maybe a real estate term would be more accurate, internal rot. It's shivering our timbers, weakening our floors. The Great American Divide could be thought of as a cancer, but both sides would say the other is the tumor. Internal rot is usually over the whole building, in all the floors and walls. Especially the basement. So that's the disease we've got, purely autoimmune.
You know what typically happens to houses with a lot of rot.

In general, humanity is making great progress. It's much better now in many parts of the world than much of the past was. Plagues, cruel despots, famines, slaveries, inquisitions, pogroms, et. al. It it my observation that on a per capita assessment, things are a bit better now than a thousand years ago. The problem is that with our brain offspring, technology, we have added a capacity for the difficult trick of self decapitation. Road Rage On a Cosmic Scale (RROCS) is possible. The same technology promises immortality and a summer place on Mars.

SO... Objectives suggestion:  Make RROCS impossible; speed up immortality, etc.  Be that "what a country!" again.

I know that's simplistic, but embedded in that is: Cure the internal rot; repair the timbers; inoculate America against another case of autoimmune disease. Bring us back together. Demote differing opinions from capital crimes to amusing perspectives. Lead us forward together. Get the very best out of all of us. Forgive us our flaws and teach us to forgive others their flaws. Amen.

In this world at this time, that's a prayer for a great and inspiring leader of all the people, with almost supernatural powers of peace-making and vision. 

You have to start somewhere.

Olde scooter

* I am NOT advocating a military dictatorship


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