The I-Can't-Help-Myself Political Rant
I don't do it often, but there you go.

Our Government in “Action”

The Compromise immigration bill, that The House will (won’t?) vote on next week creates far more problems than it solves.  Fixing the DACA horror and stopping family separations would be really good, but at the price of a major stupidity that will harm America for decades would be really, really bad.

“Hanging in the balance is legal protection for young immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program; money for President Donald Trump's border wall*; steep cuts to legal immigration; and a long-term strategy for addressing family separations at the border.”

$Billions for a boondoggle that won’t work and will do vast environmental damage = Trump’s Wall.

...Just my humble opinion, but I’m mightily opposed to The Wall, preferring high tech border control that will work better, cost billions less and not interrupt millions of animal migrations, mess up the Rio Grande,  Big Bend, etc.

Don’t let this government kidnapping blackmail us into a mega-stupid Wall.

(DACA, family migration, lottery migration, etc. are issues deserving of negotiations without the wall included.)
End of rant. 

*Red for herring.
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Update:  The second bill failed too.


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