Can You Buy Some Extra Years?

No More $enescence!
Big Money Folks Want to Live Longer

....And what Big Bucker$ want, they usually get. Then, after the prices go down, the rest of us buy some at CVS. Over the counter, maybe.

As you possibly know, the "life extension" field is of interest to me. Being 81 and watching my pals crash and burn all around me keeps me focused.  Among my musings on this, there's:

Anti-aging Pills Aplenty
Am I Getting Any Younger?
More Fountain of Youth Stuff 

You've undoubtedly read some of the Google gazillions are going into longevity research with Calico
Genomics guru Craig Venter and innovation specialist Peter Diamandis founded Human Longevity Inc.
You've heard of the Segway inventor Dean Kaman; and there's Ray Kurzweil. The list of major investments and investors is Looong.

And the websites! Longevity is a whole new category. Like Aging 2.0. And many, many more.

Here's a great Update Article on another billionaire, Brit Jim Mellon, spending beaucoup bucks investing in longevity drug development. 

Jim Mellon
I look boyish, and I'll pay to stay that way.

Mellon wrote the book Juvenescence (olde folks acting juvenile?).  He has almost convinced me to ask my doc for a prescription for Metformin.

I'll post an update before too long on how I'm doing personally in the age-defiance game. 

Stay young(ish) out there.


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