Who Do You Love?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
 But go ahead, who - between these two eccentric guys - looks the best?

"He" #1 
"He" #2

#1  Did these things:
He created the Environmental Protection Agency
He created the Occupation Safety and Health 
He signed into law the Clean Air Act
He signed the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. 
He dramatically expanded the federal food stamp 
He advocated for universal health-care coverage, 
with subsidies for low-income Americans.
(Oh, and he totally screwed up with Watergate.)

#2 Promised these things in the campaign
He was FOR Raising taxes on the rich. 
He was FOR investing in infrastructure on a massive scale. 
He promised to Protect Social Security and Medicare from any cuts.
His campaign even discussed breaking up the biggest banks. 

You know what He #2 has actually done (much of it undoing what #1 did )- and doing NONE of these things he promised.)


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