Super Newspaper, The DMN

The Holy Grail - REAL Investigative Reporting
Money Hungry Managed Care Company in THE Under-regulated State

Harm to babies in the pursuit of profits

The Dallas Morning News has been one helluva newspaper for a long time. Under the leadership of Publisher Jim Moroney, a huge investigation was started over a year ago. The findings are devastating.

Texas, My Texas

Just imagine, a healthcare company more interested in profits than saving lives of babies!
Just imagine a "managed-care" company denying care, but still talking the (BIG) money!
Just imagine fictitious doctor "networks!"
Just imagine, state officials failing at every level in overseeing it all!

OK, stop imagining and look at this stunning bit of real, super documented, investigative journalism.

Roll up your sleeves and READ THE REPORT HERE. PAIN AND PROFIT


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