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    I just have to write comments a lot.
Thats a disgusting habit I've got.

... and mostly it's good old politics that fires up my fingers, pushing my purely polarized platitudes across the pissoire of passionate positions. Political positions, that is.*

NM Political Report story:  Understaffed National Parks 

Stop complaining! Long lines are the National Park tradition.

Scooter Duff 
"Government is bad," the Reagan mantra, is pushed into the self-fulfilling prophecy range by underfunding government's critical jobs. (Of course that leaves more money to give to major funders via tax cuts.) No problem! Just privatize the National Parks. The Republican way.


Washington Post: Ann Telnaes cartoon:  Trump deal w/Chinese money and “saving Chinese jobs.” 
Lower, lower!

The Forever Trumpsters must feel like their fingers are caught in a Chinese finger trap. "Save Chinese jobs" (Save ZTE) is somewhat askew from "Chinese are stealing our jobs." But, hey... Mexican rapists! Evil Muslims! Immigrant animals! And somehow, the Bible justifies corruption because... Armageddon!


Breitbart:  On the Republican Mission statement 

scifi scooter
And the RNC mission statement actually says? Hmmm. How about "Lies are true; Plutocracy is the new democracy; Education is dumb; Tweets are policy; Women can't cut it; White is the only legitimate skin color; Flip-flopping is cool; Compromise is the work of the devil... and Vote Against Your Own Interest" as starters?


Breitbart:  Comment that  “All libs are narcissists believing fake news” 

Sorry, Echo honey, I'm busy reading fake news.

seniorjunior (scooter duff) 
We Libs are all over the lot. Like Will Rogers said, "I belong to no organized party...I'm a Democrat." To lump "all liberals" into any kind of definition is to deny the obvious. Libs are very diverse - in socioeconomics, race, religious belief, and certainly politics. In fact, among "conservatives" there is demonstrably less diversity of all sorts. Still, the "older white guy with a high school degree" definition of Republicans is almost as ridiculous as "all libs are narcissists." The Rush Limbaugh school of generalizations has permeated his army of dittoheads. "The Left!" he grunts. "The Libs!" he huffs. What a sad thing when actual reasoned thought is reduced to generalizations, cliches and memes. Try facts, folks, they're refreshing.

.... Just a few. They are endless.

*Purple prose


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