Is It the...
Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee "AgArc?"*

[Look at Google Maps, click "satellite" and look.]
Go ahead, sweep around from east to west to north through these places:

ALA: Auburn, Montgomery, Selma, Demopolis, Gainsville, Demopolis

MISS: Brooksville, West Point, Okalona, Tupelo, Corinth

TENN:  Savannah

I see a huge "AgArc" centered on East Point Alabama**, don't you?

See the sweeping, circular arc? It's farmland, mostly, but what the......?

Zoom in and you'll see the light part that makes the arc visible is FARM LAND. That's why I call it an "AgArc." But at the proper distance - satellite distance - there is clearly a geologic thang that could be the remnants of a vast crater... or maybe a ripple in the rock from an immense shock wave.  WHO KNOWS?  That's a real question, btw. 

Seeing What I Wasn't Looking For

I was looking for geologic indications of the theoretical giant comet that (allegedly) hit the earth about 13,000 years ago and caused the Younger Dryas cooling  - the "Little Ice Age" - shortly after the big ice age ended. 
A 1300 year cold snap

I was reading Science News about the controversy on what caused the Y.D. One hypothesis says it was a mega-comet that cause thousands of fires that smoked up the atmosphere and cooled the planet. (As opposed to the humongous freshwater flood into the ocean that interfered with the Gulf Stream hypothesis.)

Some pro-comet theory person said there were lakes all over Alabama that run from NNW across the fall lines and might have been gouged  by pieces of the comet.

So, curious fellow that I am, I started satellite searching for lakes like fingernail scratchings across Alabama.  And LO, the AgArc stared back at me like a green eye of an owl. (I don't see the lakes.)

Now, here's the question. WHAT IS THAT?  I've Googled myself silly trying to find out. I searched on a dozen variations of "geologic circular feature in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee," plus many others. No joy.  Surely some scientists know, maybe some astronauts, surely the Wiki crowd.  It's inconceivable no one has noticed.

So if you know what this is, or are better at Googling than Olde Scooter,  please let me know. 

* I just made that up.
** About 50 miles north of Birmingham.


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