New Secret Russian Troll Weapon
Now being unleashed.  
Guard Your Mind!

Just when you thought the master propagandists couldn't do more damage, they UPPED THEIR GAME.

Introducing the LIKE BOTS
Ooooo! We LIKE whatever nonsense you just said.

Here's how they work...

                                   Troll #1 writes some hyperbolic comment ("All Californians are pedarists!")
                                   Bot #1 shoots out a nasty insult. ("Go back to your safe place, coward!")
                                   Bots # 2-10 starts "liking" the hyperbole.  Like, like, like, like, like, like......

        Now there is a full suite of deception: Fake troll statement; fake nastybot response; fake "likes"

        The reader, not on full alert for false propaganda tricks,  thinks, "Wow, a lot of people agree with that; it must be true! " He is deceived. Again. 

Careful what you believe. The tsunami of propaganda, riding the crest wave of BIG LIE technique, is already underway. It's the Russians, but it's also the North Koreans, the Iranians and heaven knows who else, all people who hate America, not that hard to find these days.

And all the "likes" are automated. The cheapest dangerous weapons on earth.  BAN BOTS!

Full list of troll/bot posts by Olde Scooter at the end of this: 


Anonymous said…
How would it be possible to ban bots? Can Reddit/Twitter clearly recognize them?
Machine learning, sifting vast quantities of data, will quickly (imho) spot the pattern of bots. I don't know what the identifying characteristics will be, but you can bet there will be some. Once spotted, a bot would be passed to a higher order analytical step, possibly a human. The bot candidate will be queried and if confirmed, banned. Even amorphous sources like bot nets doing bot duty will be findable. The war between the bots and the bot spotters will be high sport, and Las Vegas will be setting the odds.
I'm just guessing of course, but the person who figures out how to cleanse the Internet of lying, scumbag propagandists deserves a Nobel.

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